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Medical Receptionist

Monday - Friday 2:30 AM - 10:00 PM

St. Paul, MN

Job Requirements:

  • Promptly answers telephone, schedules exams, directs calls, takes messages, and provides information in a helpful, courteous manner.
  • Greet and accurately register patients into computer.
  • Handles incoming and outgoing faxes and reads reports to requesting offices.
  • Assist patients in a prompt, friendly, courteous, and helpful manner.
  • Possesses knowledge of what paperwork patients need to complete and assists patients if necessary.
  • Oversees patients in waiting area, assists when necessary and reports problems.
  • Confirms, reschedules and cancels appointments.
  • Answers questions regarding patient appointments, testing, and directions to the facility.
  • Calls for comparison films and is responsible for logging them in and out of the computer.
  • Assists other support staff, technologists, physicians, patients, supervisors and vendors.

St. Paul Radiology is the leading provider of radiology services to the greater St. Paul Minnesota area. If you are a healthcare professional or energetic team oriented individual interested in the sub-specialty of radiology, you should contact us or submit your credentials and resume.

St. Paul Radiology offers affordable Health, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability insurance. Other benefits include: Paid Time Off, Holiday Pay, Funeral leave, Legal and Identity Theft Coverage, Pet Insurance, Wellness Program, Gym Membership Discount, Flexible Spending Account, 401k Match, and Profit Sharing.

Submit an Application

If you are interested these positions, click to submit an application. Please specify the position you are applying for on the application form.

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